Available Scholarships for Online Christian College Students

Going to a Christian college has advantages for some students, especially those interested in a religious career. This doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be a priest, pastor, minister, or other religious leader – you can also pursue a career in faith counseling, youth group leadership, Christian education, and more. College can be expensive, however, and for many consumers, this is a stumbling block that makes it difficult to earn a degree. Luckily, there are scholarships available for students who want to attend online Christian college. Here are some of the many that are available:

Fund for Theological Education

The Fund for Theological Education (FTE) offers scholarships for students at all educational levels. Says this organization, “At FTE, our mission is to call and cultivate a new generation of leaders to serve the church and world. ” They help the best students, despite cost, get an education in order to pursue a Christian leadership position in the future. There are around 150 opportunities to earn awards to help you pay for college through this organization every year.

American Baptist Home Mission Societies

The National Ministries scholarship programs, with the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, offers a number of scholarships to Christian students every year. You must be a member of the American Baptist church to qualify, but students at all educational levels qualify. In addition to having funds for undergraduate, master’s degree, and doctorate students, this organization also has scholarships for females, as well as a seminarian scholarship specifically for seminary students. Online students qualify for these scholarships, as long as the program is accredited.

Champions for Christ

This foundation provides scholarships for students since 1986, and if you’re a student today, you can qualify for an award if you’re interested in Christian ministry. You must be a full-time student to qualify, sending in your transcripts for consideration by their scholarship committee.

Your College

In addition to the funds listed above (as well as funds available from local churches and organizations in your area), you can also check out the scholarships available from your own college. Many Christian colleges, even those offering programs online, offer scholarships to help the best and brightest students pay for tuition. When you compare colleges, this is actually something you should consider – how much financial aid will you receive to attend each school?