You cannot see it, yet it is an integral part of you. Your soul is who you really are; it’s the core for which your body is a mere protective shell. When you die, it’s your soul that departs; your physical body atrophies and decays when it has no soul to protect any more. There are some people who are almost dead even when alive – their souls are destroyed or damaged because they’ve stopped living and merely exist. They take to drugs or alcohol because they’re not strong enough, they suffer from depression and disease, and they end up ruining their lives because they don’t know how to cleanse and heal their souls. We have but one life, and if we are to live it with a fair amount of contentment, we must remember the following:

  1. 1. Expectations lead to disappointment: It’s fairly simple reasoning – when you expect something or expect someone to do something, you’re disappointed when your expectations are not met. You end up fighting with your loved ones and spoiling your mood as well. When you clear your soul of expectations, you’re pleasantly surprised when things go your way. And if they don’t, you’re not too affected.
  2. 2. It’s easy to forgive someone if you want them to remain in your life: We’re only human, so it’s a given that we make mistakes. Some mistakes are worse than others, and it’s harder for us to forgive them. But the best way to decide if you want to forgive someone is to think of how much they mean to you. If you want them to remain in your life, you tend to forgive them easily. If not, it’s best to forget them because they’re not worth the hurt they cause to your soul.
  3. 3. It’s not wise to depend on other people for your happiness: If you rely on your spouse or your children or other loved ones for your mood boosts, you’re never going to be happy. True happiness has to come from within – you need to be at peace with yourself no matter who or what is in or out of your life. It is difficult at times when you’re hurt by loved ones, but when you move past the initial pain and get back to your normal routine, it’s easy to find happiness again.
  4. 4. Accept that “this too shall pass”: Every time I feel sad, I tell myself that this too shall pass. And every time I’m on top of the world, I bring myself down to earth with the same phrase. It keeps me balanced and on an even keel. I’m neither too ecstatic when good things happen nor too depressed when things don’t go well. Equanimity is good for your soul as you never have to undergo emotions that see-saw between despair and deliriousness.
  5. 5. You must take each day as it comes: While it’s true that you must think of the future and save for a rainy day, this doesn’t mean that you obsess over what has been and what is yet to come. The past is history and the future is unknown, but the present is called the present because it’s a gift. So instead of living in the past or worrying too much about the future, take each day as it comes, live in the moment and use every second wisely and to the fullest.