Cheerleading has gone from an American pastime to a cutting edge sport that requires as much athleticism and competitive fierceness as football or basketball. Even in middle school, girls are trying their best to become cheerleaders for the age-old allure of wearing the uniform and being among the popular crowd.

Of course it isn’t all fun and games, as these blogs on cheerleading point out. For aspiring cheerleaders, health and mental preparation are crucial to becoming part of the squad.

Top Cheerleading Blogs

Need to learn the ropes of cheerleading before making the squad? Get in gear with these cheerleading blogs that can help you prep for practices and routines.

    1. Confident Cheerleading What is the first thing you need to succeed as a cheerleader? Confidence, of course! This blog shows you how to put your best foot forward at tryouts.

    2. Coaching Youth Cheerleading Though this blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, aspiring cheerleaders will benefit from reading a coach’s point of view on how to prepare for the squad.

    3. GK Elite Cheer This is a great site for aspiring cheerleaders who want to explore the competitive side of the sport.

    4. CheerZone Blog Apsiring cheerleaders will love this blog for its tips on everything from staying fit to working out new cheers.

    5. Meg’s Cheerleader Blog This competitive cheerleader blogs about her experiences and serves as a great online resource for girls who want to explore the world of cheerleading.

    6. Sultan Cheer This school keeps a blog for their cheer camp, giving aspiring cheerleaders a taste of what they’re getting into should they make the squad.

    7. Sphyntrix Cheerleading The excitement of this competitive squad is contagious and will get you stoked about trying to make the team if you’re a newbie.

    8. Cheerleading USA Everything from dance and routine tips to appearance tips to make sure you blend in with the team.

    9. Cheerleading America This fantastic site is packed with everything you need to become a cheerleader. Do you need all of it? Of course not, but there’s nothing like the proper shoes to make your jumps higher.

    10. Going Pro Entertainment This site was created by ex-pro cheerleaders who know what it takes to make the team.

    11. Sideline Star Learn how to make the most of your practice sessions and work on your own to improve your chances of making the team.

    12. The Science Cheerleader Think cheerleaders are one-dimensional? Think again. This blog proves you can be fit, gorgeous and brainy.

    13. Cheer Extreme Read the experiences of cheerleaders and cheer coaches to learn what it takes to take your performance to the next level and make the squad.

    14. Cheerleading Uniforms Blog This blog isn’t only about uniforms, but also posts cheer news from around the nation.

    15. Cheer Technique Here you’ll learn how to improve you overall technique and form, making this a great resource for aspiring or veteran cheerleaders.

    16. Cheer Wiz This is one of the most useful and easy-to-follow blogs we found on our journey and will work for seasoned or new cheerleaders.

    17. We Play – Youth Cheerleading A great source with links to various websites and blogs that will help you get moving if you’re a young aspiring cheerleader.

    18. Reshape the Nation If you want to get fit the right way, this blog is your go-to source to learn the proper diet and exercise that will get you prepped for major tryouts.

    19. About Cheerleading This About blog covers everything cheerleading from tidbits in the news to strategies to improve your squad’s team spirit.

    20. All-Star Cheerleading Blog This is where the best of the best compete when it comes to cheering. Learn what it takes to make the stellar squad and become part of history in cheerleading.

    21. University of Hawaii Cheer Blog Cheerleading isn’t all glamour. This blog proves it’s a lot of hard work and determination that goes into making a squad go from good to great.

    22. Inside Cheerleading See what it’s like for competitive cheerleaders across the nation and decide if cheerleading is the right sport for you.

    23. Sideline Prep Get a peek at what professional cheerleaders do and let it inspire you to cheer like a pro at your next tryout.

    24. Cheer Music Solutions If you have to come up with your own routine and want music that’s already professionally cut and edited, check out this site for options.

    25. Ultimate Cheerleaders Get inspiration from pro cheerleaders and learn what they do to get over jitters before taking to the field or court for performances.

    26. World Cheerleading Association Read about the big events competitive cheerleaders participate in .

    27. Spirit Safety Learn the ins-and-outs of cheerleader safety so you don’t get hurt on the field or the gym.

    28. American Cheerleader One of the best-selling magazines on cheerleading is now on the web and providing cheerleading tips for youth to college-aged cheerleaders.

    29. Varsity Camps are held throughout the country by this company, so if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a week or serious about cheering, you may want to check out the schedule.

    30. Pop Warner Cheer This well-known youth sports organization is now in the world of cheerleading and the site offers fantastic tips for the aspiring cheerleader.

Top Cheerleading Articles and Videos

Prepping for cheerleading tryouts also means looking the part. Learn how to with these articles and take notes for the helpful videos that will make you blend in seamlessly.

    31. How to Do Cheerleading Jumps There’s nothing that makes a good cheerleader great like major jumps. Learn how to improve your jumps and gain height and flexibility.

    32. Cheerleading 101 Learn the basics of the sport with this article that explains what you need to know before trying out.

    33. Cheerleading – A Sport and an Industry This USA Today article explains how cheerleading is a growing sport that’s making major money.

    34. Common Floor Cheers Whether you’re sitting or standing, this site has plenty of floor cheers that will lift the crowd’s team spirit.

    35. Conditioning Exercises for Cheer Learn how to stay in tip-top shape to make your body ready for cheering and performing stunts.

    36. Spotter Workout 0001 A spotter is an integral position to play on a cheerleading squad. Check out these workouts to improve your strength and make sure you’re always on guard.

    37. Guide to Cheerleader Tumbling If you need a 101 on how to tumble, you can find all of the info you need here to make you flip.

    38. Highschool Cheerleading Tips If you’re trying out for your highschool’s cheerleading squad, check out this article for major tips on how to make yourself stand out while being a great team member.

    39. How to Get a Cheerleader in the Air The tuck arch basket is a basic stunt that all cheerleaders should know whether they’re going in the air or serving as a base.

    40. From Megaphones to Mega-Profits Cheerleading is booming, especially in the competitive realm. Learn how the industry is making the most of its moment.

    41. Body Image This video discusses body image in cheerleading. It’s important to be healthy using the proper techniques like eating plenty of lean meats and veggies and getting regular exercise.

    42. Ways to Jump Higher Improving your jumps is one of the best ways to up your chances of making the squad since they can be a good portion of your tryouts and are usually included in your tryout routine.

    43. A History of Cheerleading Cheerleading originated with men cheering and women were later added in the ‘20s. Learn more about the history of the sport with this article.

    44. Schools Limit Risks Routinely Read how schools are reducing the risks that cheerleaders take when participating in stunts on campus.

    45. 5 Things You Need to Know About Cheerleading Training Once you’re on the squad, there are several methods for training. Learn what you’re getting into and how to get in shape for cheer practices.

    46. Best Cheerleading Cheers Need a cheer that is a staple? Find it here and add your own moves for a custom routine.

    47. Pain, Sacrifice Taught Valuable Life Lessons Like any other sport, cheerleading teaches life lessons that you can utilize in many situations later down the line.

    48. Common Cheerleading Injuries If you make the team, you’ll need to know how to reduce injuries. Learn how to make the most of stretching and building muscle so you stay fit.

    49. National High School Cheerleading Rules Learn the rules for high school cheerleading so you know the ins-and-outs before you hit the court to perform.

    50. Sport Vs. Activity? It’s a Tossup Who is calling cheerleading a sport? Well, just about everyone. Learn what it has taken to take this activity from a mere hobby to a full-on competitive sport.

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